Rental Policies and Pricing

Facility and Event Coordinator:
Yesenia Marroquin
(936) 294-3201

The Sam Houston Memorial Museum is an educational institution that engages its patrons in the exciting history of Texas and the life of Sam Houston and his family through a variety of programs and exhibits. The Museum provides a history of the life and times of Sam Houston through unique educational experiences and other quality programming.

We are pleased to be able to offer rental facilities at the W.S. Gibbs Conference Hall (lower level of the Katy & E. Don Walker, Sr. Education Center), the Katy & E. Don Walker, Sr. Educational Center, and other venues in the Museum Complex for wedding receptions, corporate events, social mixers, luncheons, parties, and more. Please be aware that such activities may not interfere with normal public operation of the Sam Houston Memorial Museum and are subject, but not limited to, certain policies and procedures listed in this document, as well as those outlined in our Museum Rental Agreement. The Museum cannot be used for discriminatory practices and it reserves the right to refuse rental to individuals, organizations or events that discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, religion or disability.

Please call our Rental Coordinator for pricing and availability (936) 294-3201.

Rental Space


Governor Houston Room
(Sm. Meeting)

Seated 25

50 Reception

Patio access

Senator Houston Room
(Sm. Meeting)

Seated 25

Reception 50

Patio Access

General Houston Room
(Sm. Meeting/Alt Entry-North)

Seated 25

Reception 50

North entry/exit to parking. Beautiful corner windows.


President + General Rooms

Ideal package deal for groups needing to utilize the north room as a separate area for cocktails/receptions or alternative entry.

Senator + Governor Rooms

(Medium Meeting)

Seated 50

Reception 100

Patio access on south wall.

President Houston Room
(Large Meeting)

Seated 150+

Reception 250+

A/V equipped with drop down projection screen.

Entire Gibbs Hall

(all lower level)

Seated 250+

Reception 300+

Use of all 4 rooms, all partitions opened, large space.


75 Seated

150 Reception


Seats 150

Microphone, AV compatible, DVD/VHS/television access


Atrium + Auditorium

This is an ideal package for those seeking space to hold a reception before and/or after an Auditorium presentation.

Library **

Exhibit Gallery*

Rental of the gallery provides you with use of the spotlights. A ladder is available for lighting adjustment which you are may use at your own risk. The Museum Staff will not assist you with lighting.


Atrium + Exhibit Gallery

Food and drink are not permitted inside the Exhibit Gallery, so this package is ideal for those hosting a reception in addition to their gallery rental.

White Gazebo

Has electricity.

Brown Gazebo

(corner of 19th/Sam Houston Ave)

No electricity.

Wigwam Neosho*

(back room only)

The rustic log-cabin look of the back room of the Museum Store is an ideal setting for meetings and parties.

Museum Rotunda***

Woodland Home*

(use of outdoor porches only)

Though the rooms are closed to the public, the Woodland Home is a lovely backdrop for your small event. Certain restrictions apply, please see Museum Staff for further details.


Has electricity.

Museum Grounds Only

We invite the public to use the Museum grounds for their events, with prior approval from the Museum Staff. Please contact the Museum for further details.

Catering Kitchen

Our spacious kitchen is ideal for the small or large-scale caterer. Equipped as a final prep kitchen for up to (2) outside catering services to use simultaneously.

Additional Gazebo Rental

(with additional rental)

The addition of a gazebo rental to an additional indoor rental is the only situation in which this rate applies. Rental of gazebo only results in regular rental price.

Space is rented in half-day or full-day increments. A half-day is a 7-hour block from 8am-3pm or 3pm-10pm. This rate includes your set-up time, event time, and move out time. Events that go over the time allotted will be charged $300.00 for every hour or portion thereafter the contracted end time of the event.

*These spaces are available only with prior approval from Museum Director.
** These spaces are available only for Museum-related events.
*** Rental of the Rotunda is available only with prior approval from Museum Director and requires a minimum of (2) UPD officers on site for duration of event.


  • SHSU Departments will receive a 50% discount on all room rentals. There will be no discount on the use of the catering kitchen. Payment method for SHSU Departments will be discussed with the Facility Manager at time of reservation. We do accept interdepartmental payments.
  • SHSU Faculty, Staff, Students, and Activity Groups will receive a 10% discount on their rental by showing their SHSU ID.
  • Members of the Friends of the Museum at the $100 level and up (Raven) will receive a 50% discount on rentals. No discounts on the use of the catering kitchen.
  • All non-profit organizations will receive a 50% discount on rentals. Your non-profit certification must be presented to receive discount. There is no discount on the use of the catering kitchen.

Rental Policies

Ten important steps to assist you in coordinating your event:

  • Designate one person from your organization to be your decision maker and liaison to the Museum Event Director. This person MUST be in attendance at your event.
  • Contact the Events Office at (936) 294-3201 to check the availability of your requested date.
  • Reserve your tentative date in writing by fax or email.
  • Confirm the date with a signed Agreement and deposit.
  • Contact your caterer, if applicable.
  • Request any A/V or equipment services you might need for your event.
  • Make sure all outside service vendors and arrangements are approved by the Museum.
  • Coordinate all deliveries and pick-ups so that they are made only on your contracted date(s).
  • Confirm all finalized schedules and arrangements through the Museum’s Events Office.
  • Schedule and complete at least one pre-event walk through to include client, Museum and any/all vendor representatives must be completed prior to the event.
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    The Museum’s Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) permit for alcoholic beverage service is held by Classic Fare Catering. Classic Fare Catering is the only catering service that can provide alcoholic beverage service for SHSU. All alcoholic beverage service must be handled by Classic Fare Catering, even if an outside caterer is used for food functions. All TABC laws must be followed while on the grounds. Any persons under the age of 21 will not be served alcohol under any circumstances. Licensee is not permitted to bring alcohol. Alcohol-only events will not be permitted in the Museum. Alcoholic Beverage Policy.
  • Animals
    With the exception of guide animals, animals are prohibited inside the Museum buildings.
  • Audio/Visual
    The Museum is equipped with audio/visual equipment in the Auditorium and President Houston Room only. A projection screen/projector is provided in the large rental room downstairs, but licensee must bring their own lap-tops. There are not projectors or screens in any of the small meeting rooms of the Gibbs Conference Center. The Walker building is a wireless facility. If your event requires wi-fi access for non-SHSU related events, you will require a guest log-in status. Please see Museum Events Director for additional information.
  • Banners/Hanging Items
    Event-related banners may be hung only with prior approval from the Museum and only by Museum personnel under the supervision of Museum Event Staff. Banners that cannot be hung safely and without causing damage to the Museum will not be approved.
  • Billing
    Full payment for rental space is due, if applicable, at least 5 business days prior to the event. Any other charges incurred during event will be charged to the credit card provided with your application unless other arrangements have been made. Checks may be made payable to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum.
  • Cancellation
    Cancellation of your event less than three months before the contracted date will result in a forfeiture of any deposit monies. Events booked into the Museum within three months of the event date are not eligible for any refund of the deposit upon cancellation.
  • Casino Functions
    Casino and other gaming functions are not permitted.
  • Catering
    Classic Fare Catering is the Museum’s preferred caterer and must be the only caterer to provide and serve any and all alcohol in the Museum Complex. Classic Fare Catering can be contacted at: (936) 294-1930. Outside caterers are permitted through prior arrangement with Events Director. There is a $30 catering charge. Usage of the kitchen for any reason will require the $30 catering charge . Even if you are not using a caterer, but require use of our kitchen facilities for any reason, there will be a $30 charge. If you do not require use of the kitchen for any reason, the kitchen will remain locked during your event and you will not be required to pay the $30 charge.
  • Children
    Children must remain under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.
  • Clean-Up
    Your facility rental includes general clean-up at the end of your event. We ask you to remove your own trash to keep the building smelling fresh and clean. Dumpsters are located at the back of the Walker Center building. No items may be stored overnight. All left-over decorations and other items will be regarded as trash. Food and drink trash will be collected and removed by the caterer immediately at the close of the event.
  • Cooking
    Absolutely no cooking or cooking stations are allowed in the Museum.  Keep this in mind when making arrangements with the caterer. The catering kitchen is a final-prep kitchen only. This includes the use of grills and barbeques, there is to be no method of cooking anywhere on the Museum grounds, inside or out.
  • Date Confirmation
    A signed Rental Agreement and $200 deposit are required to confirm the event date. The Rental Agreement and deposit are due no later than three months prior to the event date. For any event booked into the Museum within three months of the date of the event, a signed Agreement and non-refundable deposit are required immediately. Until a deposit and signed Agreement are received, the hold of your date will be regarded as tentative.
  • Decorations
    Items such as glitter, confetti, cascarones, confetti eggs, shoe polish, shaving cream or streamers are not allowed in the Museum. Should these items find their way into the Museum, and should they or any other decoration necessitate excessive clean-up, you will forfeit your $200 deposit. This will be determined by the Event Staff upon final inspection after your event. The use of candles (only votive candles in a hurricane lamp and floating candles may be approved) requires pre-approval. Approval is given on a case-by-case basis from the Events Director. No open-flame candles will be approved. The use of tape, wire, staples, tacks, glue, and similar items is prohibited. Absolutely no items may be attached to Museum surfaces. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in forfeiture of the Rental Deposit. ‘Museum surfaces’ are defined as any surface residing in or on the Museum, this includes but is not limited to, walls, floors, fixtures, tables, chairs, lighting, doors, handles, etc…
  • Decorator Services
    The Museum has rectangular tables and/or round tables and chairs available for your use. If you do not wish to use them, you may use outside decorating companies or supply-rentals. The Museum does not provide any decorator services (tablecloths, backdrops, etc.). All set-up and move-out must be completed during your half-day or full-day rental time period (7 hour or 14 hour, respectively). There will be no set-up/tear down allowed outside of the paid rental time. Failure to stay within the limits of your paid rental time will result in automatic forfeiture of your $200 rental deposit.
  • Delivery
    The Museum will not accept any freight or other delivered items on behalf of the Licensee. Items may not be delivered prior to the contracted event date.
  • Deposits
    A $200 deposit is required at the time of contract. All deposits must be made in the form of a check or money order and will be held in escrow until the event is completed and the Event Director has made a final walk-through. All deposit monies will be forfeited in the event of a cancellation less than three months from the event date, including events booked within three months of the date.
  • Equipment/Supplies
    The Museum will provide tables and chairs for indoor events only. Decorator and office needs (fax, copier, telephone) must be handled by the Licensee. The client or contractor must provide their own dollies, carts, etc… including man-power for all loading and unloading. All set-up for events will be done by the Licensee. The Museum will not set-up or take-down for any event. Tables and chairs must be stacked where they were found upon completion of event. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of Rental Deposit. The Museum reserves the right to refuse unsafe or hazardous dollies or carts in the Museum that might do damage to the facility. Outside vendors must provide the required insurance certificate and vendor agreement, if applicable. (See Insurance.)
  • Event Information
    The Museum is not responsible for providing event information to the public. A telephone number for your organization should be included on all of your event literature and promotions. The Museum will not provide any advertising of any kind for your event.
  • Exhibit Areas
    Absolutely no food or drink, outside equipment or decorations may be taken into exhibit galleries during your event. If exhibits are included in the Facility Rental Agreement, the Museum will provide staff to monitor exhibit entrances. (Exhibit Gallery and Rotunda Rental only).
  • Fireworks
    The use of sparklers, fireworks, or any other incendiary item is not permitted in the Museum or the Museum grounds.
  • Fundraisers
    All fundraising events must have prior approval from the Museum. Fundraisers for political parties and political action committees are permitted; fundraisers for individual candidates are not allowed. The Museum reserves the right to refuse fundraisers for any group that discriminates on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, or disability. All media promotions or public notices for fundraising events must be approved by the Museum prior to release.
  • Invitations
    Invitations for non-Museum sponsored events may not use the name of the Museum except as the designated location of the event. A Licensee may not use the name or likeness of the Museum to promote any event. The Museum must approve any invitation copy before its release.
  • Loading Dock
    There is no designated loading dock for the Museum Complex. Delivery schedules must be arranged in advance with Museum staff. The Museum does not provide dollies, carts, or other items for the loading and unloading of client or contractor equipment or supplies.
  • Media
    All event-related media promotions must be approved by the Museum. Failure to comply with this policy may result in cancellation of the event. Use of the Museum’s name to promote, advertise, or sell tickets to an event (other than as the location of the event) is prohibited unless the event is expressly hosted or sponsored by the Museum. The Museum must review all promotional copy before its release. On-site media coverage of an event must be approved by the Museum in advance.
  • Messages
    The Museum will not provide information or take messages for event attendees. A telephone number and/or email address for your organization should be included on all of your event literature and promotions. The Museum does not provide information about rental events.
  • Music/Entertainment
    The band, disc jockey or other entertainment will be required to notify Museum Event Staff of their equipment type, electrical set-up, and requested delivery schedule in advance. The Museum will not provide equipment or any set-up of equipment for bands or DJs, such as microphones, electrical tape or stages. It is the responsibility of the band or DJ to use floor protection under their equipment during load-in, performance, and load-out. This floor protection must be approved by the Museum.The Museum reserves the right to prohibit any equipment needing more power than the standard electrical outlet provides or any equipment that the Museum believes is inappropriate. Blow-up jump houses, water slides, and other similar apparatus are not permitted anywhere on the Museum grounds. Failure to comply will result in immediate forfeiture of your Rental Deposit. The use of snow-cone machines, popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, anything of the like is strictly prohibited.
  • Noise
    During normal Museum hours, it is the responsibility of the Licensee to maintain a noise level respectful of Museum visitors. Excessive noise after hours may result in reporting to the University Police Department. Please be respectful after hours of the Museum neighbors living in the Avenues.
  • Outdoor Use
    The use of any outdoor areas, aside from general entrance and exit areas, in conjunction with your rental will require an additional fee and reservation.  Your rental of an indoor room is for that room only, and your guests may not spill over into another room, outdoor area, or public venue aside from the general meet/greet reception area and public restrooms. The use of any additional space for your event will require a reservation.
  • Overtime Policy
    An hourly charge of $300.00 will be added to the final bill for every hour or portion thereof after the contracted end time of the event. Unless arrangements are made by Licensee, additional charges incurred for overtime will be charged to the credit card filed at time of application. Licensee’s time of entry and time out will be logged by the Museum Staff.
  • Parking
    Limited parking is included in facility rental for events. Additional street parking may be available.
  • Posters/Signage
    Poster and signs are to be mounted on easels or other individual displays. They may not be affixed in any way to Museum surfaces.
  • Security
    Events providing alcoholic beverages require the attendance of police officer(s). Please request additional information from Event Coordinator when booking your event.
  • Smoking
    The use of tobacco products is not allowed indoors in any building of the Museum. Ashtrays may be provided in outdoor rental spaces through prior arrangement with Museum Staff.
  • Tentative Holds
    A tentative 2 week hold may be placed by submitting a written request to the Events Office indicating the date, time, nature of, and estimated attendance at the event. The hold must be confirmed with the deposit and signed Agreement no later than three months before the event date. If another party is interested in a tentative date, the current holder will have 2 full business days from contact to submit the deposit and signed Agreement; otherwise, the tentative hold will be released on the third business day.
  • Vendors
    All service vendors (outside caterer, decorator, music/entertainment, etc.) must be approved by the Museum at least two weeks in advance of the event date. Outside caterers and rental companies will be required to provide a certificate of insurance. (See Equipment/ Supplies; Insurance.)
  • Weddings, Receptions, Parties
    The Museum allows for the use of its facilities for wedding ceremonies. Receptions may take place under standard rental policies. Bird seed, flower petals, and rice may be thrown outside only. Artificial flower petals, streamers, confetti eggs, silly string and other like items are strictly prohibited both indoors and outdoors. The use of such will forfeit the $200 Rental Deposit.